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For Discerning Businesses

WH Services is a hosting company with a difference – we don’t advertise our services to the general public and internet community at large.

Our aim is not to find as many customers as we can and overload our hosting servers with more sites than what the resources can handle. We rather focus on providing a managed, high performance concierge type service to pre-selected businesses, web developers, marketing and advertising agencies, and integrators – without breaking your bank account in the process.

Our motto is simple – You want to use us because we are the best at what we do!

Private Hosting

We deliver private hosting services to a select clientelle.

Custom Space

We don’t work with one-size-fits-all templates. We create a custom hosting space for your exact needs.

Low Load Ratios

We don’t overload our hosting servers just to make money off you.

Fastest Performance

Our sites are served by Nginx because its the fastest performing web server on the market.

File System Security

All our hosting servers have fully encrypted file systems for your security and content protection.

Super Fast Network

Our servers are hosted on a super fast fibre backbone to give you speed and reliability.

Dedicated IPs

We can provide dedicated IPs for easy access and configuration.

Dedicated Servers

If you prefer having your own dedicated managed server instead of co-location, we are here for you.

Wordpress Optimised

Our servers are fine-tuned specifically for WordPress hosting.

Wordpress Maintenance

We monitor and keep your WordPress site updated with the latest versions of WordPress and installed plug-ins.

Offsite Backup

We automatically create ongoing backups of your site to our offsite storage location for your peace of mind.

Site Security

We configure directory level security for an additional layer of secure access to your WordPress Admin panel.

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